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This is a new challenge to baker and he needs to update his information, technology, products and services to meet the changing needs of the Indian consumer. To meet the new challenges, the Govt. of India encourages the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with very attractive financing schemes, to modernize and up-grade their units. This has opened up opportunities not only to SMEs but also to those in the bakery trade to supply the new technologies. This is my passion and i love to do it.

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We are giving our best in this business from a decade. Have a look on our achievement till now.


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  • Thank you so much for the great customer service. I placed my order a few days ago and your tasty treats. The chocolate croissant is so fresh and yummy. I can't wait to open the cookies. Each pack is wrapped in bubble wrap.Thanks again for caring about your customers!
    Rohit Kumar
  • I wanted to take a moment and let y’all know that of all the Davindera online store and bakeries I have worked with in my tenure as a chef, you guys are truly the best. That said between your customer service, minimal mistakes, timely orders, and attentiveness, are all things y’all do right.
    Lalit Sinha
  • Davindera bakery is one of the best vendors we have. Excellent product, with an excellent price, and the service is over the top. It is so easy to place an order and receive fresh bread daily! It doesn't get better than this! We never have any issues.
    Dinesh Sharma